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We are in the process of renovating the web site to provide a more helpful experience to our users. Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please e-mail us.

The following links to fraud resources are provided to help provide easy access to information that is helpful to consumers. If you you know of any web site that may be helpful, please e-mail us and we will review it for inclusion in our resource list below.

Acid Test - A web site revealing cons and hoaxes about get paid to surf, get paid to read email, paid to do surveys and other make-money-online schemes.
Bad Business Bureau - A very informative and valuable web site that provides unbiased reporting capabilities for businesses and consumers.
Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus - The Canadian BBB system has helped make it possible for Canadian consumers to buy goods and services with confidence. Get the latest news and alerts, find a local BBB or file a complaint online.
Council of Better Business Bureaus - The BBB system has helped make it possible for consumers to buy goods and services with confidence. Get the latest news and alerts, find a local BBB or file a complaint online.
Crimes of Persuasion - This fraud site shows how con artists will steal your savings and inheritance through telemarketing fraud, investment schemes and consumer scams. It has taken over two years to develop this detailed and understandable resource on fraud. Court transcripts have been evaluated, reduced and compiled into an entertaining read.
Cybercrimes: Battling a New Kind of Home Intruder - What can we do about cybercrime? Read this resource and find out.
Department Of Justice - United States Department of Justice home page.
Federal Bureau of Investigation - This is the Internet site of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Federal Consumer Information Center - Answers to your questions about the Federal government and common consumer issues. The citizen's help desk for everyday life.
FederalFraud.com - There are huge REWARDS for taking action to expose fraud against the federal government. A great web site to show you how you can be rewarded for uncovering fraud.
Federal Trade Commission - Working for Consumer Protection and a Competitive Marketplace.
Fraud Monitor - A comprehensive fraud resource in Portuguese language..
FraudTech's Institute Of Cons, Frauds and Other Lies - Dedicated To Beating The Cons At Their Own Game.
Fraudwatchernetwork.com | Scam - Internet Fraud, Mail Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Phishing, Phone Fraud.
Internet Scam Busters - The #1 publication on Internet fraud.
National Consumers League - The National Consumers League is a private, nonprofit advocacy group representing consumers on marketplace and workplace issues. They are the nation's oldest consumer organization.
National Consumers League's National Fraud Information Center - The NFIC was originally established in 1992 by the National Consumers League, the oldest nonprofit consumer organization in the United States, to fight the growing menace of telemarketing fraud by improving prevention and enforcement.
Pawnhero - An online pawn service. Providing a listing of the world's biggest scams.
Stock Fraud Newswire - News and information regarding stock, securities, bank and investor fraud. Find Fraud Claims materials here!
Stop-Scammers.com - Online Dating Scammers, Matrimonial frauds & known Gold Diggers with Photos of Scammers
U.S. Consumer Gateway - Your resource to consumer information from the federal government.
U.S. Postal Inspection Service Mail Fraud Center - The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is the law enforcement branch of the U.S. Postal Service, empowered by federal laws and regulations to investigate and enforce over 200 federal statutes related to crimes against the U.S. Mail, the Postal Service and its employees. Postal inspectors investigate any crime in which the U.S. Mail is used to further a scheme, whether it originated in the mail, by telephone or on the Internet. The use of the U.S. Mail is what makes it a mail fraud issue.
Whistleblower Info - Fraud impacts many levels of corporations and government. Find out more about whistleblower lawsuits, qui tam litigation and false claims statutes.

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